Month: June 2014

Introduction – From Loyalist to Pirate

It wasn’t long ago that I was roaming the halls of the Gallente Federal Naval Academy, as a brand new capsuleer, full of zeal, and naïve ideals.  I wanted to protect and serve my beloved Gallente Federation, and it’s democratic ideals.  What better way to do this than as a capsuleer, one of the immortal elite of New Eden?

Afrer just a few short weeks of training at the academy, I enlisted in the Gallente Militia, as a member of the Federal Defense Union.  I would soon be in for a rude awakening.  My first combat encounter came on my first day as a minuteman in the militia.  I was attacking an enemy complex when I was jumped by a capsuleer pirate, and quickly dispatched.  I would soon awake in a new clone, painfully aware of my inadequacy in combat.  It was then that I decided I must take a different path.

The education my government had provided me was woefully lacking.  I was completely unprepared to face my fellow capsuleers in combat.  Not wanting to play the victim, I sought out other means of learning the ins and outs of space combat.  I remembered a tip one of my classmates in the academy had given me, about a capsuleer run corporation called EVE University, and how they were the best place to go for an education as a new pilot.  I sought out the University, and, after a long application process, was eventually accepted.

I am now a sophomore in the university, with over 50 kills to my credit.  I have commanded fleets, and braved the dangers of low security, and zero security space.  I have learned much, but still have much to learn.  I now live at the university’s low-sec campus, in a system in the Placid region, called Uphallant.  I have dedicated myself full time to fleet ops with my fellow unista’s, and the hunting and killing of my fellow capsuleers.  I have left my naïve loyalties behind me, and have become the pirate, free from the constraints of the empires.