Back in the Game – Small Gang PvP

English: Screen of Mumble Français : Capture d...

English: Screen of Mumble Français : Capture d’écran de Mumble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple weeks ago, I announced on Twitter that this would no longer be an in-character blog. I just don’t feel motivated to keep coming up with imaginary stories about what happens to Shay Solette in the EVE universe. I would much rather write about the real people I fly with, and the outrageous amounts of fun we have in the game. Last night, for example, I went on my first small gang PvP roam, a mere two days after returning to EVE, and I had the most fun I have ever had in the game. I also accomplished something I have wanted to do for a while. I got to play as bait in a Venture, and get on a killmail with that ship.

It all started when I was hanging around the Public Lounge on EVE University’s Mumble server, just BSing with some guys, I had just started a brand new trial account, my main account is inactive for the foreseeable future, and I had a two day old character. The players I was chatting with were equally new, and had far less overall EVE experience than me.  We got to talking about PvP, and decided, fuck it, lets go out to lowsec with our n00b toons in cheap frigates, and see if we can’t get ourselves blown to hell.

We ended up roaming all night, and having an absolute blast We got a couple kills, and lost a few ships ourselves, but It served as a reminder to me, of everything I love about EVE. Its all about the people you fly with, the excitement of being both the hunters and the prey, the adrenaline rush the laughs we have, all of it. Small gang PvP lends itself much more to strategy and careful consideration of our targets than the big blob fleets I had grown accustomed to flying with. There is also a lot more room for individuality and creativity within a small gang. In a large fleet, you can kind of get lost in the shuffle. We ended up playing until, and I really hope to fly with these guys again real soon.


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