Shay Solette character portrait

Shay Solette

Shay Solette is a character in the game EVE Online.  He is a capsuleer; an immortal spaceship pilot roaming the galaxy in search of wealth, power, and fame.

Shay is a sophomore in EVE University, Low-Sec Campus, where he ekes out a meager living hunting pirates that lurk in the asteroid belts of his home system of Uphallant, and running missions for the Gallente Federation Navy, trying to earn enough ISK to buy better ships and modules to fly along with his Low-Sec Campus fleet mates in their frequent fleet battles.

By learning from his fleet mates, and being tested frequently in battle, Shay hopes to become one of the elite combat pilots in the New Eden cluster.  He still has a lot to learn.

Outside of EVE, Shay enjoys writing, producing, and performing music.  He is an experienced guitarist who has recorded and performed with several rock bands, as well as acting as a tour manager, booking manager, songwriter, and producer at various times.

Shay is a retro gaming enthusiast, and a gaming enthusiast in general.  In addition to PC games, shay also enjoys board games and tabletop roleplaying games.  You can frequently find him serving as a game master for Pathfinder roleplaying games.  Shay is currently working on designing and programming his first PC game.